Kyle Chandler Interview
Kyle Chandler Interview
Kyle Chandler is an American actor who grew up in a small town in Georgia and went on to star in popular television series such as Tour of Duty, Early Edition and Friday Night Lights. He’s also starred on the big screen in such films as The Day the Earth Stood Still and King Kong, dipped his foot into producing and directing, once worked as a bouncer and has a star named after him.

Starring in JJ Abrams’ mysterious sci-fi flick Super 8, Chandler spoke to View’s Tenani French about the secrecy of the project, working with kids and his time in New Zealand.

How familiar were you with JJ Abrams’ work before Super 8?

Kyle Chandler

I’d never even heard of JJ Abrams… [silence] [laughs] Nah, I’m just kidding. No I’m joking! I knew of JJ’s work, yeah I knew his work but I didn’t know him, so that was just the added benefit of doing this job. You already know how talented he is but to be able to work with him and as a man and a gentleman he’s just good [with] people. It’s like having one of your buddies around, but it just so happens that he’s an incredible film maker. He’s knows his stuff and there’s plenty to learn from him, no doubt.
He’s quite a secretive guy too, and so there was a lot of secrecy surrounding this film, did that affect the production at all?

Kyle Chandler

Yeah he’s secretive. He’s very secretive with the project and everything but as far as being on the set with him and being part of everything there’s no secrets there. Everything is a collaborative process and everyone’s working together. What you want to do when you’re doing these things is you hope that everyone gets to be creative together and come up with ideas and share information. If you have questions you bring it out in the open and you flush it around and play with it and see what happens and that’s exactly the way he works. That’s the way he worked on this set and it was very enjoyable.
They say never to work with children or animals. How was it working with such a young group of actors?

Kyle Chandler

The kids were very enjoyable! I didn’t have as much interaction with the kids as a whole except for the young man who plays my son, who has never acted before so that was one very curious part of this whole process. Watching how JJ worked with him and bringing him to the point of some of the performances that he’s gotten out. The young man has obviously got talent, but even if you’ve got that talent if you’ve never done anything before it’s very difficult [especially] for a young man to present that without having certain tools. To have JJ work with him as a young man and the two of them create what they did… it’s a story in itself.
I’m a big hugger and a big talker and everything this guy is not.
You’ve played a dad before, obviously on Friday Night Lights, and you’ve been ranked as one of the best TV dads for that role, so how do your real life experiences as a dad affect your portrayal of those characters?

Kyle Chandler

Well I mean the guy that I’m playing doesn’t have very good communication with his son and he’s mourning the loss of his wife and he’s rather distant so it’s not really similar but it is in the sense that I knew what I was missing playing the character. I’m very close with my kids and I’m a big hugger and a big talker and [I am] everything this guy is not.
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