Kyle Chandler Interview
Kyle Chandler Interview
How difficult was it to play the film through the eyes of a child without making it a kid’s movie?

Kyle Chandler

[laughs] I don’t know, you’d have to ask JJ Abrams that I didn’t make this movie I just play a part in it, but I mean he’s a pretty damn good story-teller so I’m sure he’s got some answers to that one for ya.
3D is all the rage right now in Hollywood, do you think Super 8 being in 2D only is a good thing for the movie?

Kyle Chandler

I don’t know, I don’t think it’s a bad thing that’s for sure. If it’s a good movie and it’s got everything that you need to make a good movie and it’s presented well I don’t care if it’s 4- or 5-D. It’s good story telling.
You’ve dipped your toe into directing in the past, is this something you’d like to do more of in the future?

Kyle Chandler

I certainly won’t turn it down. It’s part of the whole creative process of this business and I could certainly see myself doing something in the future, sure.
You’ve visited New Zealand previously, how did you find your time here?

Kyle Chandler

Oh, fantastic, I lived there! I lived there with my family and the kids were in school for a while there so that was one of our greatest trips and adventures ever.
You’re going through the release of Super 8 now and that’s going to be a huge process, how’s that going for you? What have you got lined up next, what’s in the pipeline?

Kyle Chandler

Well right now I’m sitting here looking over Sydney Harbour speaking to you and then this afternoon I’m going to have lunch with Craig Hall, he’s one of your guys from over there who’s over here doing a TV show and I worked with him on King Kong. And I was hoping to see John Sumner who was also in King Kong and is a very dear friend of mine. As far as professionally I’ve got things that I’m working on but nothing I’d be able to say yes or no to at the moment. And for the rest of the time I’m out trying to sell this little movie called Super 8 and traveling around the world doing it and having a great time.
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