Kristen Stewart Interview

Kristen Stewart Interview

Actress Kristen Stewart plays the part of Bella Swan, a high school girl who gets entangled with the lives of some local vampires in the Twilight film series. Kristen was recently in London with her co-stars Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner to promote the release of The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Here she talks about screaming fans, over-protective brothers and those pesky romance rumours.

How easy was it to maintain the emotional intensity of the chemistry between the two of you given that you spend so much time apart in this one?
Kristen Stewart (KS): Well, to miss something it has to go away. It was easier to play Bella in New Moon because I got to go through the experience of Twilight. I do think that this movie stands alone - it wasn't a sequel because the story makes sense. But I wouldn't have been able to play it because I wouldn't have known... obviously I don't know what it feels like to be in love with a vampire and feel literally physically altered. But it's because the descriptions in the book are so visceral and sensory. It's first-person narrative so you know exactly what she's feeling all the time. As for how we maintained intensity... the story is really intense and that's what we were supposed to do.

Do you ever find yourself making personal choices for Bella that don't accord with what Stephenie Meyer may have written?
KS: No. Everyone knew what they were getting themselves into, even though we weren't aware of the massive attention it would get. The books were written and we're all still doing the movie for the same reason we started doing it. All we want to do is tell the story and do the books justice... and that's what the fans want too.

Did you talk to Stephenie much?
KS: I did a lot on Eclipse for the first time actually. But I think that's just because she was on set more. She paid us visits occasionally but it was always so quick you never had any time to get into anything. We didn't have any deep discussions about the character but she was on set watching a lot of scenes and I really loved going and asking about details - if there was anything I wasn't doing that she had imagined, or if there was a little tic that was happening that bothered her. I was really into doing that, which was really cool. Because I was always so intimidated by her... I was always like, "Oh my gosh!" Even more so than – it's a similar relationship to the one you have with the fans except she's like the queen bee, you know?

How do you cope with the fans' screaming? And how do you prepare yourself for that kind of adoration?
KS: There's really not any preparation. When you have that amount of human energy thrust at you, it doesn't matter how much you think about how cool it is, or the fact that it happens all the time, it's an undeniable life force. It's why I get so nervous because I feel so much energy.

Can you comment on your off-screen relationship with Robert and the rumours surrounding it?
KS: Any good relationship that I've ever had with an actor has always been so emotional and personal. If you don't have that then you're just lying. I also have that with Taylor and everybody that I've ever worked with that I've ever gotten something from. You need that... it doesn't mess with you because you're better friends with someone on set and you need to be playing different characters. You're on a higher level of getting each other, so you're more comfortable and thus more able to give an honest performance.

How has your family reacted to your fame?
KS: My family is just embarrassingly proud of me. My brothers get a little protective... overly protective. I've made rules now where I say, "You can't go outside and scream at people if they have cameras!"

If you could go back and audition again, would you? And whose role would you like to play other than your own?
KS: Well, if I had to choose I would choose Bella. Otherwise, I would love to play Alice. She has my favourite back story of all the Cullens and I'd love to play around with her power. I'd love to have the visions because I think that would be really interesting.

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