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Conrad Properties and Sustainability

Conrad Properties and Sustainability

Growing great buildings can have an impact on the environment. It’s not usually a concern for most people building their dream home, but when building a multi level dwelling it is. Everyone is aware enough to make sure they do not impact detrimentally on the environment, but what action do large developers actually really take?

Conrad Properties takes sustainability extremely seriously. With everyone one of their current projects, sustainability is at the forefront of their checklist for creating the perfect property for their clients.

Conrad Properties acknowledges that sustainability involves the simultaneous pursuit of further development of their employees, contractors and subcontractors, profitable economic growth and good corporate citizenship. These values are underpinned by the sustainable use of natural resources and ensuring sustainability is incorporated in all of their designs for the ongoing users of their buildings.

A three tier system has been developed by Conrad Properties to enable them to focus on the benefits of sustainablity in all of their projects: People, Planet, Profit. Conrad Properties focus on people by creating opportunities for all staff to be able to experience development through providing an attractive working environment. The onus is placed on all staff to be accountable for their waste and together the focus is for all staff to be responsible for the way they use energy and raw materials in an efficient manner to in order to reduce the environmental impact of day to day working activities.

These initiatives also will benefit the planet by reducing waste at the source and improving the eco-effiency of the products used and the processes undertaken to create them. Developing solid financial performances can be derived from selecting contractors and sub contractors that offer innovative sustainable solutions to the benefit of all employees and customers.

Conrad Properties acknowledge that such an undertaking does not come with a simple quick fix solution, which is why they have developed an extensively detailed five year plan in order to implement the most efficient system they can.

The plan will be rolled out focusing on different elements of the Conrad Properties building strategy at different stages. The first part of the plan will focus on Conrad Properties sales team and consultants first, then moving on to contractors, before finally focusing on subcontractors and material suppliers by the fifth year.

Conrad Properties firmly believe that location and style will always be the most important aspect of any new project. As building practices and needs have developed, over the many years experience Conrad Properties have had in the industry, they have found that Green Design, environmental responsibility and social sustainabilty also need to be major considerations for any development that is undertaken.

Across all Conrad Properties developments, the synergistic effect achieved by creating harmony between the ecological elements and aesthetic elements is a considered the most important key performance indicator. Conrad Properties recognise the role of the community and how crucial the relationship between all other aspects of the building evironment are, such as architecture, recreational and physical.

In the construction and ongoing maintenance of ‘Green buildings’ created by Conrad Properties:
  • 100% of the wood used is sustainably harvested.
  • Over 60% of construction and demolition waste is recycled.
  • Storm water reclamation system recycles water for irrigation.
  • Only environmentally friendly cleaning products are used forcleaning.

All of the Conrad Properties “Green buildings’ use:
  • Floor to ceiling length windows where applicable.
  • Install energy star applicances.
  • Insulatation in each dwelling.
  • Dwellings are fitted with two stage water flow valves and many other water saving features.
  • Filtration systems are added to both water and air systems.

The above features ensure that the end result creates natural products with low to zero toxicity. Conrad Properties also make a point of sourcing locally produced and manufactured building materials to reduce transportation energy and carbon footprints. Each site is monitored for erosion and the protection of surrounding ecosytems are also observed closely.

On the site, Conrad Properties ‘Green Buildings’ have recycling of waste materials and rain water is collected and used. This energy efficiency can also be found in the lighting systems that are operated on timer or motion sensor systems.

All of the above directives have been the culmination of Conrad Properties many years of experience with property development. Their work with award winning architects, plus stringent critiques by design planners and peers, the work produced by Conrad Properties will be more than able to withstand the test of time.

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