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Review byMel Homer17/09/2012

Three out of Five stars
Running time: 108 mins

A dark comedy about what happens when an already fragile kiwi “bromance” is tested with the disposal of a dead body, a friendship outgrown, and a road trip to the Catlins. Set in early 90’s Invercargill. With Bogans, and spectacular mullets.

What's it all about?
Nige (Bret McKenzie) is a simple Bogan (emphasis on the simple) who, one night while out doing laps around the deserted main street of Invercargill (it helps him think), has a crash involving a hot mince pie, a cat and a Norwegian backpacker/soccer star. Panicking, he tries rather ineptly to hide the body, before turning to the one person who can help him – the guy who has been his best friend since primary school, Deano (Hamish Blake). The problem is, the besties have been growing apart over recent weeks. Well, Nige thinks they have – he’s formed a new friendship with the large, cruisy stoner Gavin (Maaka Pohatu) But to Deano's, slightly psychotic eyes, they’ve never been closer. The three then embark on a road trip to the spectacular Catlins with two purposes. 1. Dispose of the body. 2. Don’t let Gav know what they are up to.

Anyone who has seen Scarfies will know that the Sarkies brothers make very dark, dark comedy. As with Scarfies, Two Little Boys starts out quite lighthearted (yes, that is possible, even with a gruesome death in the first 5 minutes) but at times spirals into some very dark places, looking at male relationships and how disturbing “mateship” can sometimes be. This is particularly noticeable when one of those mates has more than a whiff of “nutbar” about him, as is the case with Deano!

The Good
At first seeing one half of Flight of the Conchords, and one half of Aussie duo Hamish and Andy without their sidekicks is a little strange, and I worried that Bret would just be “Bret from F.O.T.C acting like Bret.” This certainly isn’t the case; he is Nige through and through. Their chemistry is spot on and both Bret and Hamish do their mullets proud as South Island Bogans with not a great deal of ambition, or brains. It’s great to see adidas stirrup tracksuit pants, waist high stonewash jeans, Holden Kingswoods and David Bain-esque jumpers front and centre in a movie. At times it felt more ‘80’s then 1993, but as Bret pointed out in a recent interview, it was in Invercargill, after all.

Look out for the cameos from Ian Mune and of course Tim Shadbolt. I’m fairly certain that he must have created a law saying any film filmed in Invers must feature him!

Another, probably quieter and less demanding star, is the scenery and wildlife. Southern New Zealand, stand up and take a bow, you look spectacular on the big screen!

The Bad
At times it drifts – some scenes in the Catlins get a bit wordy, and it felt to me that it just goes on that teeny bit too long, but the pros still far outweigh the cons.

Worth seeing?
Absolutely. Two Little Boys is not for the squeamish though – there are some fairly gruesome scenes and a whole lot of swearing. But if your sense of humour, like mine, tends towards the dark and slightly gross, it’s worth a look.

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Two Little Boys (R15)
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