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Review byMatthew Turner8/08/2007

Two out of Five stars
Running time: 100 mins

Dismal comedy that's every bit as bad as the words Robin Williams plays a comedy priest might lead you to expect.

What's it all about?
John Krasinski (Jim from The American Office) and Mandy Moore play Ben Murphy and Sadie Jones, a young couple who have just got engaged and plan to get married in Sadie's family church. However, the church is run by the oh-so-hilariously-unorthodox Reverend Frank (Robin Williams) and he insists that Sadie and Ben pass his patented marriage preparation course before he'll agree to marry them.

Reverend Frank's course turns out to involve such unlikely components as a pair of badly behaved mechanical babies, truth games in front of Sadie's tetchy in-laws and bugging Sadie and Ben's apartment to ensure they don't have sex before their wedding night. In other words, it's the sort of thing that no sane person would put up with for even a second.

The Good
Krasinski is a fine comic actor but his persona is more suited to deadpan wisecracks and he looks very uncomfortable doing slapstick. That said, there are two good gags, but it doesn't say very much about the film when the funniest moment involves a priest getting punched in the face.

The Bad
The words Robin Williams and comedy priest basically tell you everything you need to know about License to Wed. However, just in case there's still an element of doubt, be assured that it's desperately unfunny, unless your idea of side-splitting humour involves Jim from The Office being vomited on by a mechanical baby.

The plot is so infuriating that it actually turns you against Mandy Moore's character, because she continually sides with Reverend Frank over Ben. Oh, and as if Williams as a comedy priest wasn't bad enough, they've also given him an equally unfunny demonic child sidekick (Josh Flitter).

Worth seeing?
Licence To Wed is an extremely unfunny comedy with perilously few laughs and zero chemistry between its two leads.

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Licence to Wed
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