Taylor Lautner Abduction Interview
Taylor Lautner Abduction Interview
Taylor Lautner rose to the top of the teenscreen idol list along with Robert Pattinson, when they took on the roles of Jacob the werewolf and Edward the vampire in the hugely successful Twilight Saga films. Now he’s breaking free from the franchise with a role in the action thriller Abduction, in which he plays a troubled teen who is forced to go on the run after discovering that his parents are not who they claimed to be.

Recently in London, he spoke about working alongside some very famous names, his on-screen chemistry with Phil Collins' daughter Lily, and knocking out his fellow actors.
It's been six or seven years since Robert Rodriguez first cast you in a movie. How are you finding making movies now? Are you still learning? And if so what was new on Abduction?

Taylor Lautner

Absolutely, I believe you can never stop growing and learning and I've been very fortunate to have been working since I was 10 or 11-years-old. I have learned so much throughout the years working with amazing directors and great actors as well. This was really a huge step for me because it's very different from anything that I've done before but I think the biggest difference here is that the cast we were surrounded by in this movie was unbelievable. Sigourney Weaver, Alfred Molina, Jason Isaacs, Maria Bello ... I really couldn't have done it without them.
Tell me about the fight scene between you and Jason.

Taylor Lautner

It was awesome. I mean we were very friendly by that point and he's hilarious.
Is he hilarious in the middle of a fight scene like that?

Taylor Lautner

Yes actually. He is so funny. I have looked up to him for a while, ever since I saw him as the bad guy in The Patriot. I loved him. Don't get me wrong, he's done so many roles, but I did love that this was something kind of different for him and we really get to see his humour in this movie. But during that scene it was just fun because we had gloves on, so we literally were like: "Let's go for it!" I mean, he was whacking me the whole time. But it was fun. There were no serious injuries ... maybe a few bruises the next day.
I have heard about an injury on set, though, as revealed by you on the Letterman Show in the States ...

Taylor Lautner

Oh no ...
You knocked out a six foot Russian guy during the train fight?

Taylor Lautner

It's the brutal fight scene on the train, and it was me and Ilia Volok, the other actor, and we were doing the fight ourselves. So, towards the end of the scene I'm supposed to throw an upper cut and, of course, we're faking it so I'm not really punching him. But the stunt co-ordinator comes up and says: "OK guys, Taylor, you need to extend your arm more and Ilia you need to stick your chin out more so we can sell it." So the very next take, sure enough I extend more, he sticks the chin out more, and Pop!, I connected right in that spot where it just puts you out.

And this guy's huge and so intimidating and he just goes 'Whoop' [mimics going down] and he was out for like two seconds. It was very scary at first and I felt terrible, especially when he stood up and he had a chunk of skin hanging out of his lip. He was like, "OK, I'm fine, I'm fine, let's keep going!" And I was like, "Ilia, you need to look at your lip because it's not good." He was very nice about it but I felt so bad. I will admit I felt kind of cool about it.
Can you talk about the casting of Lily Collins?

Taylor Lautner

Everybody from the very beginning knew that Lily was the only person for this role. She's the only girl I read with and that's all we needed to see.
When it comes to fighting do you find generally that you have to reign back on your own martial arts skills because the character is perhaps not as adept as you? Jason Isaacs is confident you could have wiped the floor with him.

Taylor Lautner

[Laughs] He was pretty impressive. There was a few times where I just wanted to go crazy and I wanted to throw flips and stuff. There was one flip that made it in there but there were a few times where I'd throw a few moves where they'd be like: "Taylor, Nathan doesn't know how to do that, so you can't do that!" So, I was a little frustrated. The biggest thing we wanted to do with this movie was to make it seem as real and grounded as possible. And it helps when you have the real actors doing the stunts and Lily and I were able to do the majority of our stunts in this movie, which was very exciting for us but also makes the movie that much more realistic.
Presumably you have been offered full-on martial arts movies where you get to use your skills? Would you ever do one of those?

Taylor Lautner

You never know. I loved the fact that I was able to use it in this movie but this was a great acting piece for me and that's what excited me the most about this movie, the journey that the character goes on.
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