Florian Habicht - Love Story Interview
Florian Habicht - Love Story Interview
Florian Habicht is a German-born New Zealand film director who found success with his films Woodenhead, Kaikohe Demolition and Rubbings from a Live Man. Habicht talks to View New Zealand about his latest film, Love Story, stepping in front of the camera for the first time and his favourite Auckland haunt.

What made you take the leap to step in front of the camera this time to star in Love Story?

Florian Habicht

A psychic in New York advised me to never be infront of the camera. “Stay behind the camera, never go infront of it” she urged, so I decided to do the opposite!
How cool is it to have Love Story play in the iconic Civic Theatre in Auckland at this year’s New Zealand International Film Festival?

Florian Habicht

Yeah, I still can’t believe it. When I found out the news I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone, so I booked a private karaoke room for an hour and did some solo karaoke to celebrate!
Where did you meet Masha Yakovenko?

Florian Habicht

We met in New York, and my first proper conversation with her is actually in the film! We decided to meet at Mars Bar, and I asked her if we could film our meeting and include it in the film. Everyone in Love Story, except for my Dad, is pretty much met for the first time on camera! The film has that kinda magic of when you first meet people sprinkled the whole way through.
Everyone in Love Story, except for my Dad, is pretty much met for the first time on Camera!
Since your singing career never took off – what else would you have chosen as a career instead of film making?

Florian Habicht

Hah, you know about that! I was going to be a photographer, and that’s what got me into film making in the first place. What else... I’d love to open my own karaoke bar. Or maybe a life guard at an indoor swimming pool in Portugal?
Where is your favourite place in New Zealand?

Florian Habicht

I guess Auckland, because I live there and bump into all my friends on the street. It also has my favourite cafe Alleluya in St Kevins Arcade, and the West Coast beaches.
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